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Breathing is the only function of our body that is both automatic and under our control, so here lies the link for mind-body connection. Understanding and using breathing intentionally is a crucial skill, that can help us thrive in demanding modern day environment.

In this workshop you will learn how to master your breathing to reduce stress, improve focus, enhance mental and physical performance. These are incredibly simple, intuitive and effective practices that will improve your mind-body connection. Artur has practical, applicable and principles based approach to teaching. All of the techniques and concepts learned can be applied to every day life to better cope with ever demanding conditions in our every day life.

You will learn to:
- Optimise breathing mechanics and engage the diaphragmatic breathing.
- Use breathing active meditation tool to achieve deep meditative states.
- Establish optimal breathing patterns for reduced stress and anxiety in every day life.
- Use breathing for as ultimate tool for relaxation.
- Learn to influence your own nervous system.



100 Zoo-m Human Experience.

You’ve probably seen and heard about our Move Breathe Chill 100 Human Experiences.

Well now, with all that’s going on Tony and I will be hosting a Move Breathe Chill Online Experience every week until we can go back out and reconnect in person.

We were absolutely gutted to have to postpone our workshops until later in the year. We were just getting this 100 Human Experience Community started and we could already see the incredible breakthroughs that people were having.

We figured it was time to up our game and provide you with some powerful self help, self-care, self-development tools, to flip your own self-isolation game. Then the eureka moment came, to virtually bring 100 humans together through movement, breathwork and cold immersion.

This time is highlighting, more than ever, the need for us to go deep and do the ‘inner work,’ to build mental fortitude and resilience.

This will be a 90-minute online, collaborative workshop presented by Tony Riddle and Artur Paulins.

Tony will guide you through some beautiful, playful shakes, waves and spirals; show you how to feel less human zoo and more human you.

Artur will take you on a deep breathwork session where you can access stillness, and find a sense of being away from the insidious anxiety of lockdown.

At the end, you’ll be lead through a mindful way of chillin’ in a cold bath, shower or even wheelie bin, in the comfort of your home.

This class is by donation. Pay what you feel is appropriate. Prices are subject to VAT.

Restriction is the mother of creativity and we are absolutely embracing change because adaptability is what makes us thrive as humans.


©2020 by Artur Paulins.

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