For many of us, this is a time in our lives when we are most in need of tips, tools and techniques to uncover our natural abilities to weather a storm. This is also a time of great confusion, fear, an overwhelm of information (and misinformation) and a time when keeping the mind focused and free of distracting, negative thoughts that feel most difficult.

I don’t want to bombard you with another GREAT CURE for your feelings of suffering and unease. I don’t want to add to the pressure that is already building in your life. #overload

Instead, I want to offer a laidback space for you to discuss these topics with people whose work it is to investigate and understand these odd places we are in. This is a space for you to hear from renowned teachers and experts on your terms, to ask your questions and reflect on your situation.

Some of the questions you may want to ask are:

  • Why am I unable to meditate now and should I push through, or is there something else I could try?

  • What will life will look like after the pandemic has settled down?

  • What can I do to stay connected to nature at home?

  • How can I stay calm whilst I’m stuck inside with my family?

  • How can I stay afloat financially and prepare my business for times to come?

We are fixated on the external world now, but it is our internal world that we have to harness if we hope to live in a state that resembles equanimity, peace and flow. When you have become aware of your current way of being, you can consider the pros and cons of trying something different and apply the tools and techniques that will be shared through this forum. Then you can build a life that is mindful, free and calm.

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Episode #1: HOW COVID-19 WILL SHAPE US AS A GENERATION with Mark Leruste
Fri, Mar 27
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Mar 27, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM GMT
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