I’m super excited to announce this new project called Breathwork Academy! It is a group based program which is my way addressing some of the most common issues I hear from people about practicing breathwork or mindfulness on their own. You’ll learn how to establish a consistent and regular routine, with the extra support of having a community around that is on a similar path.

It's 6-week on demand online video course were I’m delivering techniques and practices I have found over the years to be most effective. It's practical and applicable course where you can learn tools to improve focus, give you the ability to be more present during the day, reduce the impact of busy lifestyle. Most importantly through establishing your own routine you’ll be able to carve out some time for yourself, even if it’s just couple of mindful minutes a day that can reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

Key aspect of this course is the community. Applications are limited to 10 participants only, ensuring that I can support everyone in the process of learning. At the start and the end of the course we will have an online meet up where you can connect with the rest of the group. At these meet ups I’m also going to guide a breathwork deep dive meditation.

During this time you'll have direct access to me via the group chat, this way I can directly support your progress. This chat will serve as source of community connection and accountability with daily check-ins and tips.

If you got any questions about the Breathwork Academy do not hesitate to ask, my email is



Founder of The Unconventionalists

Mark Leruste

Fitness coach by day, singer / songwriter by night

Carrie Baxter


As someone who is regularly affected by depression, Breathwork Academy was a real game-changer for my mental health.

There is nothing worse than feeling a victim to your mind. After the techniques that Artur taught me, I now have an option that takes only a few minutes to reclaim my mental state.

I know better how to look after myself, which means I don’t need to feel scared or make it wrong when I get into a funk. Now, I just breathe.

I did things on the course that I didn't think were possible for me. I also really enjoyed getting to know some of the other people on the course. It was, all-in-all, an amazing experience.

Aisha Smith, Business Consultant

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