“This is where the magic happens.”

Artur offers bespoke one-to-one breathwork coaching in a studio in London and also online. 

Whilst no individual session is the same, initial sessions start with a breath assessment that will inform you both about the current state of your body and mind. This will allow Artur to unfold the session in a way that is specifically supportive for you, in response to stresses that were known previously unknown prior to the assessment.

Here your breath is used to arouse an expansive altered state through which deep introspective insights pervade the waking consciousness, achieving phenomenal insights that will offer an opportunity to reset your day to day experiences.

“During the session, I came face to face with the fear that underlies most of my waking decisions. Particularly within the more important areas of my life that I want to go really well! The weirdest thing is that I didn’t recognise it before but now I can see it so clearly and have the chance to change. It’s a work in progress but it feels like a good shift.” 

Aisha Paris, 29, London


Available as single 90 minutes sessions and packages (3 or 5 sessions). A course of weekly or fortnightly sessions for 6 weeks is encouraged for profound results and long-term integration.

Prices are offered on a sliding scale basis for those whom it would otherwise not be possible to commit to individual coaching. 

A limited number of sessions are available each month for these sessions, so please email me for availability / waitlist.




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