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In these sessions, you will learn how to master your breathing as a means to reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance both mental and physical performance.

Artur offers one to ones (in London or Skype), corporate sessions, studio classes, and more occasionally, workshops and retreats across Europe. 

Artur is committed to providing incredibly simple, intuitive and effective practices that will bring you into Body-Mind connection. He maintains a practical, applicable and principle-based approach to teaching. All of the techniques and concepts learned can be applied to daily life. You will get access to tools that will allow you to cope better with the pressure-filled and demanding conditions that you are faced with day to day.

Learn how to:

  • Optimise breathing patterns to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Receive a customised daily breathwork practice

  • Learn breath tools to achieve deep relaxation and deep meditative states.

  • Engage in diaphragmatic breathing

  • Strengthen the respiratory muscles for increased endurance

  • Learn how to influence your nervous system

“I see breathwork as a gateway to calm our minds, which are constantly bombarded by messages, emails, advertising and all the big and small choices that we have to make every day,” he says. “Breathwork is the simplest way I’ve found to get into meditation.”




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