Originally fixated on optimising his mental performance for martial arts competitions, Artur charged into the world of wellness with skepticism and a no-nonsense approach to wellbeing. It was after discovering a noticeable improvement in his anxiety, ability to focus and be present in challenging situations, he began making a daily commitment to breathwork practice.

“It powerfully focused my mind, even in extreme situations,” he says. “It felt like uncovering a secret superpower I always had hidden deep inside me.” Artur is now a notable movement & strength coach, yoga instructor, and is uniquely equipped in the realm of breathwork, having been one of the first instructors trained by Wim Hof (though his repertoire now includes a wealth of accredited/reputable approaches to breath).

Established as an expert in this revolutionary and upcoming sector that is breathwork, Artur has worked with the likes of Lululemon, Charlie Dark, Norwegian Royalty and been featured as part of Dazed Beauty, The BBC and regularly appears at major wellbeing events across the UK.

Today, he is focused on bringing inner empowerment to the day-to-day experiences of anyone and everyone. Artur teaches a combination of breathwork, yoga, Jiu-Jitsu and cold therapy. He is continually developing his own unique, simple and accessible pathway for people to discover the multitude benefits of this work, in order that they are able to easily and independently apply the practices in both their personal and professional lives. During one-to-ones, he works with clients on a practise that is formulated around their individual goals and needs, and in classes he focuses the practise on methods that are total accessible and that create maximum impact, whilst holding space for his clients to feel both supported and present to what comes up for them.

"I don’t want to have anyone sat behind their computer screen feeling more confused about what to do after they have read about breathwork. The best thing that anyone can do is to drop me a message and ask. Inaction is one of the real threats to us today. With so many pressures, we might not act for the well-being of ourselves for weeks! So we leave an issue unaddressed to fester, meanwhile we’ll put in generous amounts of hours at work or in service of our friends and family. The best way we can be of service to others is to look after ourselves first.”




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