Creator of Breathwork Academy and the explorer of human equanimity, Artur Paulins is working internationally to transform our access to daily calm through breathwork. “An access to equanimity (calm, stillness, contentment) should be available to everyone.”

In his early years, he became one of the first instructors trained directly by Wim Hof. This was Artur’s first training in breath mastery, which now spans a variety of breath-based approaches to wellbeing, resilience and inner-strength. He’s tested each method rigorously and adopted a unique approach that is accessible for all across a range of formats: 


Artur offers online training through Breathwork Academy, corporate sessions, online classes, UK and international workshops & retreats and one to ones (in London or online).

Breathwork Academy offers a 6-week journey run by Artur online to ground you in the core foundations of these breathing techniques from within your life. Convenient supported integration and deep learning are at the core of this course. 

Breathwork should be practical, simple and effective. With this work you can learn how to impact your nervous system to rest, rejuvenate or raise your energy with gentle methods. All methods are designed to be integrated effortlessly into your day to day life.

Mindfulness is a key component of this teaching. Discover how your life impacts your mind and how your mind impacts your life whilst having access to real change through breathwork. The combination of the two is wholly life altering.


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